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Taking Action to Green-Up the Trucking Industry

Action on Climate Change is rapidly becoming the political, economic and societal driving-force priority of our time. That trend is clear, obvious and escalating.

The debate over Climate Change’s effects and causes is over. The debate has now clearly shifted to taking action representing a further clear trend.

Companies that participate in solutions will be rewarded – while those that remain on the sidelines will be vilified.

We – at The DOT Directory – are focused on taking action on Climate Change in the Trucking Industry. The Trucking Industry is a significant contributor to harmful carbon-emissions and the goal for significant reductions of those emissions cannot be achieved without the participation of this important industry.

The complete solutions are not yet determined – but they are evolving. Programs to reduce idling times, intermodal shifts of freight movement to cleaner alternatives, and technology advancements in alternative fuels are all leading to deployable solutions. But these solutions will be meaningless if they are not implemented industry-wide.

Implementation of solutions will require three key elements:

  1. That every participant in the trucking industry is given a fair foundation to participate and provide input;
  2. That every participant in the trucking industry can collaborate in ways that hurdles are addressed and opportunities capitalized on; and
  3. That every participant in the industry is given a fair and equal footing for the implementation of solutions to take place.
There is a program that addresses these three elements: The SmartWay Transportation Partnership Program. It checks all of these boxes. It is open to all industry participants regardless of size or business line activity. It is collaborative.

SmartWay covers the trucking industry across Canada, the USA and Mexico.
It already has over 3-thousand partners.

But SmartWay has a few snags. Delivered in Canada by Natural Resources Canada, they have recognized significant operational deficiencies – it is operationally complex and its underlying technology is difficult to interact with, making registration and ongoing compliance expensive and difficult.

To resolve this critical snag, Natural Resources Canada contracted with The DOT Directory to deliver a platform to alleviate the expensive and difficult operational and system frustrations and limitations. Working directly with the SmartWay Team in Ottawa, The DOT Directory has built the bridge – making registration and ongoing compliance simple, quick and inexpensive both in terms of money and time.

If you already have a robust and effective system to manage your freight shipments, The DOT Directory leverages it with a seamless API integration. If you find yourself short on technical transportation management systems, The DOT Directory can immediately boost your technical capacity. Either way, engaging with SmartWay is simple and fast.

Solving the Climate Crisis will take all of our efforts. SmartWay gives us that central, neutral and collaborative platform to leverage all of our efforts. It is up to all of us to make it work and make it effective. Let’s use the SmartWay Program as our unifying approach to make the trucking industry a beacon of light demonstrating our commitment to a green future.

Across Canada, Shippers and Carriers alike can now quickly join the SmartWay Program and demonstrate their commitment to “green solutions”. Participating in the collaborative tools offered by SmartWay such as webinars and shared videos and documents is now simple to do.

SmartWay is the program. The DOT Directory makes it simple to join and participate. It is up to you to help define, refine and implement the ultimate solutions. That requires your participation.

Taking the actions required to address Climate Change will take all of our commitments. For the trucking industry ... SmartWay is the smart way!

Join us. Give us a call and let’s get this show on the road!

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