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We provide simple options to join SmartWay and more!

The DOT Directory - Basic Subscription SmartWay is operated by Natural Resources Canada. Their call for action is clear:

Join SmartWay today and be part of the solution. Carriers and shippers are encouraged to either join directly through SmartWay or through value-added enabling platforms, such as The DOT Directory that meets SmartWay’s requirements for ongoing participation.

The requirements for SmartWay registration are simple:

  • Provide detailed trucking shipment information for 3- to 5-months;
  • Sustain membership by continuing to provide this information ongoing; and
  • Take steps to reduce your carbon footprint through continuous-improvement efforts.

They are simple – but implementing them can be frustrating. Registering and sustaining compliance directly with SmartWay can be complex, time-consuming and expensive. The DOT Directory provides an alternative solution to meet these SmartWay requirements – an alternative designed and tested directly with the SmartWay Team in Ottawa.

The DOT Directory works directly with you to meet SmartWay’s requirements. Fast, easy and at low-cost. The DOT Directory also provides numerous value-added features and benefits, including detailed records on SmartWay-approved carriers, professional transportation form-creation, and even opportunities to lower your transportation costs.

Do you have a robust TMS (Transportation Management System)?

Leverage your TMS for more value!

Through an API connection, your data is seamlessly transferred to SmartWay meeting their data requirements.

This solution is simple to set up and leverages the value of your current technology. It can be done in as little as one day. The full documentation your TMS Administrator requires is provided.

Are you a small shipper only processing a few shipments and want a “technology boost”?

The DOT Directory has you covered!

Through your own direct-access account you can enter your data quickly and be seamlessly compliant with SmartWay’s data requirements.

You can be set-up in an hour. You get full access to numerous value-added features providing you with professional transportation documents, sourcing carrier capacity, and managing all your transportation shipments to lower costs and enhance customer service.

All our solutions are designed to get you enrolled in SmartWay – quickly, efficiently and at low-cost. All the while, your operational workload is not disrupted.

Join SmartWay. The DOT Directory will get you there today.

The DOT Directory ... Your Gateway to SmartWay